Home Movie and Film Transfer

Movie and Film TransferDo you have your parentís old home movie film still on the reels? Is your 8mm or Super 8mm film stored in a shoebox in the closet?

Do you wish to simply transfer them to stop the aging process and preserve your film or do you want to personalize your home movies with music, narration, titles, Hollywood style DVD menus, and more? The possibilities are endless.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to transfer your precious home movie film to DVD. 8mm, 16mm, Super 8mm, silent, or sound.

We can transfer it to DVD, digitally! Do you want to edit it yourself? We can also provide it to you on mini DV tape or on a harddrive.

We are not just in the business to preserve your film. We are in the business of preserving your familyís history. We are not an assembly line only interested in volume and the bottom line. We give each memory the respect and attention it deserves.

Make an appointment to come by and see samples of Home Movie Transfers we have done so you know what to expect from your transfer.

Give us a call today to pass on your family legacy for generations to come.