CD and Audio Services

Need to copy a CD? Need audio converted from one format to another? Do you need audio pulled from video? Is the audio bad and it contains some humming or buzzing that needs to be removed?

Audio Enhancement

Audio is one thing that most people, even professional videographers, overlook. It plays a huge role in the quality of your project. Sometimes noises from other equipment (like air conditioners or fans) sneak into your recording and interfere with the quality of the audio on your video.

We have tools to help clean up this type of audio. Most times we can eliminate or at least minimize any hiss, clicks, pops, hums, and buzz that may have made its way into your recording.


Moving audio from Audio or Micro Cassettes are not always easy and can be time consuming. Here are some of our conversion services:
  • Audio Cassette to CD Transfer
  • Micro Cassette to CD Transfer
  • LP to CD Transfer
  • 1/4" Reel-to-Reel to CD Transfer
  • Cassette to audio file like AIFF or MP3
  • Micro Cassette to Audio Cassette Transfer
  • Audio Cassette Duplication
  • Audio from Video Transfer
CD Duplication Services
  • Imprint Design
  • Full Color Imprint on CD label
  • Case inserts
Wide Selection of cases:
  • Jewel Cases
  • Slimline Jewel Cases
  • Clamshells
  • Paper sleeves
  • Spindle
Please call us today for more information such as pricing, deadlines & special needs such as custom packaging or printing. Turnaround time is based on the size and the needs of each order. Express services are available. We’re here to serve you!