Documentary Style Videos

Do you want to tell a story about a company, school, or organization? Are you trying to highlight the achievements of an individual? Is there a company’s history that needs to be archived?
Would you like a documentary or biography style video like the ones you see on TV?

Documentary Style Video
These videos use all the elements you would expect from a biography/documentary style video:
  • Photos and Slides
  • Logos
  • Music and Narration
  • Titles
  • Interviews
  • Camcorder Video and Old 8mm or 16mm film
  • Newspaper clippings, Documents, & Certificates
  • Awards & Trophies
More importantly, these are more than compiling a bunch of photos and video and adding music. They tell a story.

We will start by consulting with you about your project.
We will then interview people and find out what they have to say.
You gather all your photos, slides, documents, and anything that can be recorded or photographed.
You will be involved through the whole process.
When the project is finished, you can have a premiere of your video with family and friends.

Call us now to find out how you can start your project today!