Gallagher Video Services 

Gallagher Video Services, Cutting Edge Technology, Old Fashion ServiceRon Gallagher combines his distinguished experience and technical expertise with the finest technology, state-of-the-art equipment and a traditional approach to service. Individuals and businesses can rely on high quality video production and an extensive selection of services, including duplication, transfer, editing, authoring and conversions.

Professional Video Service

Are you a professional with volumes of video tapes (VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV, Video 8, HI8, Digital 8 or Betamax) ready for transfer to DVD?  If so, Gallagher Video Services is for you!

Keepsake Videos

Transfer you precious photos and video to DVD before your memories are gone forever. Life's milestones-weddings, birthday, baby's first step, graduation, anniversaries, and retirement-can be preserved permanently with a personal touch.

Video to DVD Conversions

Since 2003, GVS has provided individuals and businesses with the highest quality video conversion options using the latest technology. Our conversion service comes with a money back guarantee.

Gallagher Video Services offers professional quality and yet pricing is among the most affordable in the video industry.

Why DVD?

The benefit of DVDs is longevity. They do not wear out and the quality is consistent. DVD video data is the format of the future for preservation and efficient storage.


With proper care, a DVD will last many, many years. Now is the time to organize and preserve important data and family memories on a DVD.


Save space by converting bulky video tapes to DVD. Individual cases protect each DVD from scratches and dust.


Save time fast forwarding and rewinding tapes. A DVD “chapter” menu lets you skip to any place on the DVD quickly.

Video Quality

A DVD delivers excellent video quality. While a VHS tape only offers 200-300 vertical lines of resolution, a DVD allows 480 lines of vertical resolution and 540 lines of horizontal resolution. The images are sharper and more detailed. Never before have your memories or valuable information been viewed with such incredible quality!

Audio Quality

A DVD provides high quality audio for the most enjoyable listening experience. Audio files contained on a DVD can be encoded to the Dolby Digital audio format.